Success Skills

Program for Grades 8 to 10

Registration for the 2023-24 School Year is Now Closed. You can register early for the 2024-25 year using the link below.

Success is a multifaceted concept, but it can be achieved through experiential learning, developing a strong sense of self-efficacy and understanding the relationship between learning and work. Through engaging with these concepts, students can better recognise their own capabilities and gain an understanding of how they can contribute to their own success by looking at topics such as resiliency, self-care, strengthening interpersonal skills and stress management.


OBJECTIVES: During each 75 minute sessions student will:

  • How do you define success?
  • Recognise the importance of experiential learning as as method of career research.
  • Demonstrate the relationships between learning and work.
  • Develop awareness of self-efficacy in skill attainment and career development.
  • Develop an understanding of self-efficacy and how believing in one’s ability to complete a task/research a goal can contribute to achieving success.

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Teacher Led Class

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Program Overview

Classroom Model

  • In Nova Scotia this program is best delivered to students in grades 8 through 10
  • Success skills introduces and integrates mental well being through an immersive learning opportunity for students
  • Enhances and reinforces topics such as resiliency, self-care, strengthening interpersonal skills and stress management
  • Teachers through hands-on activities and discussions
  • JA programs are free to schools, teachers and students


  • Supports critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Connects students to real world issues
  • Helps students understand the skills needed to participate and thrive in learning, work and life
  • To recognise that practicing skills related to success can lead to an improved mental health outcome

Teacher Roles and Responsibilities with Volunteer

  • Introduce students to the program and deliver parts of the program to students
  • Invite volunteer into class at specified time/date
  • Remain in the classroom with the volunteer
  • Assist with classroom management
  • Engage with the students as they complete the activities
  • Use additional JA volunteer videos for parts of the program if desired
  • Do post work with students or assign as homework

Teacher Roles and Responsibilities without Volunteer

  • Register to deliver the program with JA, we will supply materials and multi media codes
  • Introduce students to the program and do activities with students
  • Can use the JA campus to deliver or enhance the program
  • Show JA volunteer videos for parts of the program if desired
  • Feedback after the program is welcomed by JA

Program Content

Lesson 1 - Success Starts With You!

  • How do you define success
  • Career versus work
  • Matching skills to learning
  • Long-term success plan

Lesson 2 - Better Together

  • Am I a good collaborator
  • What does effective and ineffective collaboration look like
  • Negotiating – it’s about give and take
  • Team building challenge

Session 3 - Let's Think About It!

  • Houston, we have a problem
  • Leveraging technology to solve problems
  • career investor

Session 4 - Getting Your Point Across

  • Communication literacy
  • What comfort zone are you in
  • Is texting a good way to communicate
  • Two ears, one mouth – listening is twice as important as speaking

Lesson 5 - Stay Curious - A Superpower!

  • I am curious about . . .
  • Self authoring my career

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