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About JA

Who are we?

Junior Achievement of Nova Scotia is part of a global non-profit committed to empowering youth own their future success. Through a network of stellar volunteers who share their own life experiences to students, we deliver immersive learning experiences in financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship. Simply put, JA Nova Scotia coordinates in-school and extra-curricular hands-on programming for youth 5-25 that sets them up for real-world scenarios and experiences.

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JAs Impact

What we do for the community?

Our work enables young people to develop the skill set and mind set to enhance their communities. We set young people up for success so they can be as prepared as possible for any future endeavors they choose to embark on. JA prepares youth for life, for meaningful work, and for an opportunity to do good in the world!

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Achiever Alumni

Peter Calder

I would highly recommend Junior Achievement to high school students, my time at JA was instrumental to who I am and what I’m doing today. I always  believe that doing is the best form of learning rather than listening in a  classroom or seminar. Junior Achievement creates an environment where  students can create and work in the real world. This is an opportunity which isn’t usually available to them. 

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Featured Programs

  • Young girl on the city streets, smiling and looking up towards the sky

    It’s My Future

    Grades 7-9

    JA Nova Scotia provides hands-on experiential learning in the classroom and through extra-curricular activities. Programs …

    Teacher Led Class

    Self Directed Program

    Volunteer Facilitated Program

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  • Young students are brainstorming on a board. One young man is writing on a sticky note while his fellow students watch.

    Company Program

    Grades 9-12

    Junior Achievement’s In-School Company Program provides students in Grades 9-12 with the opportunity to explore …

    Teacher Led Class

    Self Directed Program

    Volunteer Facilitated Program

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  • A stock chart, showing stock candles and prices.

    Investment Strategies Program

    Grades 9-12

    Junior Achievement (JA)’s Investment Strategies Program (ISP): Virtual is an interactive, online learning opportunity that …

    Teacher Led Class

    Self Directed Program

    Volunteer Facilitated Program

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What our community says

“ JA has made such a difference in Sophia’s life. I truly believe that unless youth are able to find their passion that they become more susceptible to feelings of being “lost” and the longer it takes for them to find it the less sense of purpose they have. I can not thank JA enough for the work you do. ”
Myra Lucia

Proud JA Parent

“ When you equip our youth with the information and tools to make good financial decisions and to look after their financial well being you have created a generation of individuals that are more confident and are going to help us be a stronger Nova Scotia. ”
Marie Mullally

President & CEO, CUA-JA NS Investor/Alumni

“ I always say that Junior Achievement is a program with a true purpose unlike any other organization. No where else do students receive hands on learning of business management, personal finance, and entrepreneurship like with Junior Achievement. ”
Braden Newell

JA NS Alumni

We are thankful for the support we receive from our funders!

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