Economics for Success (EFS)

Program for Grades 8 to 10

Junior Achievement’s Economics for Success (EFS) is an interactive program designed to encourage students to consider how they can prepare to enter the world of work. This preparation involves identifying personal interests, skills, strengths, and passions; mapping them to career clusters; learning to budget; developing interviewing skills and strategies to achieve educational and career goals

The programs links very closely with outcomes for Citizenship and Healthy Living but also financial literacy outcomes in Math. Economics for Success is available in English or French.

This in-school program, for grade 9 students, has been reimagined for flexible delivery. The teacher will deliver most of the program, with these options: Teachers can deliver the program fully on their own with the option to include pre-recorded volunteer-delivered content, or arrange for a virtual-live volunteer or an in-class volunteer to do an hour of programming. We try to be as flexible as possible to support teachers!

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All program materials and trained volunteers are provided by Junior Achievement free of charge to students and schools. Specific dates and times will be scheduled for in-person or virtual-live programming. A suggested agenda will be provided with options for additional or reduced content.

Teacher Led Class

Self Directed Program

Volunteer Facilitated Program



Program Overview

Teacher Roles and Responsibilities with Volunteer

  • Introduce students to the program and deliver parts of the program to students
  • Invite the virtual or live volunteer into class at specified time/date
  • Remain in the classroom with the volunteer
  • Assist with classroom management
  • Engage with the students as they complete the activities
  • Use additional JA volunteer videos for parts of the program if desired
  • Do post work with students or assign as homework

Teacher Roles and Responsibilities without Volunteer

  • Register to deliver the program with JA, we will supply materials and multi media codes
  • Introduce students to the program and do activities with students
  • Can use the JA campus to deliver or enhance the program
  • Show JA volunteer videos for parts of the program if desired
  • Feedback after the program is welcomed by JA

Program Content

Lesson 1 – Choose your own Adventure

  • Learn to set goals
  • Identify how their interests, skills, strengths, and passions can be used to help define the journey to the world of work
  • Investigate the benefits of post-secondary destinations

Lesson 2 – Finding Balance

  • Prepare a budget
  • Learn about options for funding personal goals
  • Realize the financial constraints of personal independence
  • Discover the real “take home” pay: gross and net income
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills to revise the budget

Lesson 3 – Strategies for Success

  • Discover what employers look for in a potential employee
  • Explore the value of a strong personal brand
  • Identify potential mentors

Lesson 4 – You Can Do It!

  • Understand that it takes preparation to achieve educational plans and career goals
  • Recognize the value in seizing opportunities

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