Company Program

Company Program is a safe space for youth to learn in a real-world setting.

Through the process of starting and operating a small business, youth have the chance to express their interests and goals in a growth-oriented setting. Whether your interest is in design, science, math, skilled trades or entrepreneurship, Company Program will facilitate your growth. Our programming is also in line with UN’s 18 Sustainable Development Goals, preparing students to leave Company Program and participate sustainably in a global economy.

Young man is smiling and talking to his fellow high schoolers
Young man smiling in a room full of colleagues working on a project

After School Company Program (Students and Volunteers)

The after school company program is run by community volunteers for youth grades 9-12. It is an opportunity for youth to explore their interests through the process of starting and operating their own business, under the guidance of experienced mentors. Students are given freedom to design, build, market, and sell their own product or idea in the real world. Company Program’s diverse roles offer space for every student to grow within their interests, from design, to sales, and anything they choose in between.

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Young students are brainstorming on a board. One young man is writing on a sticky note while his fellow students watch.

Company Program In-School (For Teachers)

The in-school company program is a free program for both students and teachers, run directly by teachers and gives classes the opportunity to explore their interests and goals by building and operating a company. Perfect for teachers hoping to expose their class to creative freedom, design, entrepreneurship, and organizational skills. Company Program is a step away from traditional classroom learning and engages the students in a fun, hands-on learning approach.

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“Company program for me was definitely more than just learning about work readiness, financial literacy & building entrepreneurial skills. It was an exposure to working in an environment that helped build and improve strong intrapersonal, self-management, communication and teamwork skills which I myself and other students can implement in any field we wish to flourish in. ”

— Wafa Wahhab, Grade 12 Student