Investment Strategies Program (ISP)

Program for Grades 8 to 11

Registration for the 2023-24 School Year is Now Closed. You can register early for the 2024-25 year using the link below.

Junior Achievement (JA)’s Investment Strategies Program (ISP): Virtual is an interactive, online learning opportunity that introduces grade 9-12 students to the stock market, its relation to our economy, and how it is used to achieve financial goals.

This unique program allows students to study investment strategies through a series of instructional videos, teacher-led activities, as well as real-time, hands on trading experience in a stock market competition. The online simulation reinforces the need to increase the use of technology within the classroom. It is a free, risk-free and educational look at the stock market and other financial literacy topics.

The teacher is given a suite of materials that include video clips of a “virtual” classroom volunteer to help facilitate the program materials. This virtual volunteer will also help coach the students in the online stock market simulation. The teacher leads the students though the activities to prepare them for the online competition.

Teams will be given a starting portfolio of $100,000 and will start to earn interest on that balance immediately. Teams (each class is allowed 10 teams) can log on any time within the competition dates to make trades on their accounts.

There are two to four Simulations each school year. Teachers can participate in one or more.

Teacher Led Class

Self Directed Program

Volunteer Facilitated Program



Program Overview

How does ISP: Virtual work?

Students team up in small groups to build a stock portfolio and trade over the course of 6 weeks with a mock $100,000. The stock market simulation takes place during the school year and is available to hundreds of student teams across Canada. Students gain hands-on trading experience buying and selling stocks on a live feed of the TSX, NASDAQ and NYSE during market hours.

What are the Program Goals?

  • To provide the tools needed for educated investment decisions
  • Identify the advantages and risks of various securities
  • Link financial objectives to an appropriate investment
  • Reveal and examine issues concerning ethical business and investing practices

How to get involved?

Once you register your class with Junior Achievement of Nova Scotia, you will be given a login and password for the online resources. There you will find lesson plans, virtual volunteers and information on the stock market and how it works. Closer to the Competition date you will be prompted to register your teams to get ready to play the national competition.

ISP Student Comments collected from online survey:

“The most important thing we learned was how ethics of a company and how the publicity of un-ethical practices can hurt a company’s stock so much.”

“I enjoyed learning about all types of investments. I didn’t know much before so it was a good learning process.”

“I most enjoyed learning about the implications of short term investing, and how the short run can be as profitable as the long run in some cases.”

“I enjoyed learning about the scamming and different types of investments.”

“I learned to use money wisely and to do research on companies that you are going to invest your money in.”


2024 Dates

QUAD 1 (Fall 1)

QUAD 2 (Fall 2)

QUAD 3 (Winter)

QUAD 4 (Spring)


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