Emma McGill

JA Alumni

What years were you in Company Program?

I was in company program for all four years of highschool 2017-2021! Our four companies were called Animo, Emotion Wear, Puro/e, and finally Biyo Filtration. Even though my grade 11 year was cut short and we didn’t complete our company program year, Puro/e was my favourite. We had just come back from a failed company the year before and I stepped into the role of president. We used an idea I had of turning plastic one use grocery bags into reusable bags. While I was in company program I held the positions of VP of Production, Vice President, VP of HR, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility and President.


What did you do after high school?

I am halfway through my second year of university at Saint Mary’s University taking a BSc in Astrophysics. I am not sure what I am going to do with the degree as of right now but I have always loved space and physics which lead me to this education path. Hopefully I am able to apply what I learned from JA to my future career!


What value did you get from Company Program?

Students can benefit so much from company program. You have the opportunity to win scholarships for post secondary education, put JA on your resume, and get amazing exposure to the business world including pitch ideas and attend conferences. The list is so much longer than that and I highly recommend company program to anyone in high school!

Published on January 10, 2023
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