Wafa Wahhab

JA Alumni

What years did you participate in Company Program?

I was in the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 Company Program cohorts. I had the opportunity to serve as president for both years – Reizen Apparel: a clothing line that celebrated diversity and youth motivation, and Ignite: a candle company representing scents from around the world. I enjoyed both as I was able to learn a lot and build upon it.

What did you do in your first years following Junior Achievement?

After my first year with Junior Achievement, I decided to go back for a second term to build on the learnings from my previous year. The JA experience along with my academics led to a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce – Finance. While completing my post-secondary education I worked in the FinTech start-up space and learnt a lot about venture capital investment through extra-curricular activities.

What are you doing now? (25-50 words, give or take)

I work in Technology Consulting at Deloitte — my work essentially looks at the impacts of emerging technologies and the ever-changing workforce landscape companies are faced with, and supports them to optimize change and technology to continue building value.

What value do you see in Junior Achievement? How has it impacted you?

Junior Achievement is one of the most practical ways to learn — both on a personal level and professional. The programs are structured in a manner where you’re driving your projects but have support through external advisors as well as from the team at JA. Building skills, capabilities and direction by partaking in the company program is only one of it’s main takeaways, you also build community. I am now six years out of the Company Program but have had the opportunity to get involved and make more impact owing to the relationships I made early on.

I am a firm believer in throwing yourself in uncomfortable or new spaces because you will most certainly come out of it with a fresh perspective and lessons learned. The Company Program offers this opportunity and I’d encourage every student to take advantage of it.

Published on December 6, 2022
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