Peter Calder

JA Alumni

What years did you participate in JA’s Company Program? What companies were you a part of? 

I participated in CP from 2015-2018! In 2015-16 I was part of ReSail, in 2016-17 I was part of Hungry Puffin, and in my last year our company was called Loop. 


What were your positions in each company? 

At both ReSail and Hungry Puffin I was Director of Technology, and at Loop I was Director of Human Resources. 


Which of these years was your favourite? 

My favourite was Loop. I loved working cohesively with so many great people on an app, which was different than my first two years. 


What did you do after graduating high school? 

I went to Dalhousie for one semester for Business and then transferred to NSCC to 

follow my passion for film and video. I took the two-year Screen Arts program. This program was incredibly valuable to my career and life goals.  


In my last year at NSCC I began work as the Creative Director at Tidal League Inc… I’ve helped to grow Tidal League from one podcast to where we are today, 30 months later, at 20+ properties. 


What are you working on now? 

Right now I am working as a producer/director telling stories through film and video. I am currently working on a full-feature sports documentary with Tidal League and some small passion projects.


How has JA formed you? Would you recommend it to students interested in your field? 

I would highly recommend Junior Achievement to high school students, my 

time at JA was instrumental to who I am and what I’m doing today. I always 

believe that doing is the best form of learning rather than listening in a 

classroom or seminar. Junior Achievement creates an environment where 

students can create and work in the real world. This is an opportunity which 

isn’t usually available to them. 


Thanks so much Peter, it’s been great to hear from you! 


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Published on September 26, 2022
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