Nate Davies

JA Alumni

What years were you in Company Program?

I was in Company Program for three years. In that time I helped to create a clothing company (Dartmouth North Clothing)  that helped to provide a donation that led to 250 meals to people in Northern Dartmouth, a company that produced hand-sewn sock hippos (The Heroic Hippo) and made a donation to the IWK, and a company that produced bracelets (Coastal Beaded) made with sea glass from Nova Scotian beaches. Our final company was able to donate over $1000 to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust and was nominated as the 2021-2022 company of the year.


What are you doing after high school?

Currently I am pursuing a B.Sc. in Biology at Saint Mary’s University, with a goal of pursuing a graduate program.


What value did you/are you getting from Company Program?

I learned many valuable things from company program! I was able to develop strong public speaking skills through customer interaction, and through the pitch-it Product pitching competition. Due to the public speaking skills I learned, I was nominated to be an emmcee for the 2022 Nova Scotia Business Hall of Fame. This was an incredible experience that allowed me to speak in front of a crowd of ~500 people from various successful companies.This allowed me to truly put my public speaking abilities to the test. I also learned valuable networking skills, and a strong concept as to how a business operates, and practical email writing skills.

Published on April 30, 2024